Myles Zero - Myles Car Subscription

Myles Zero - Myles Car Subscription

What is a Car Subscription?

A car subscription service enables a customer to take home a car by paying a monthly charge and having full ownership of the vehicle without paying hefty down payments and instalments. The monthly fee covers the total expense of insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance.

Subscription or Leasing

Subscription is a bit similar to car leasing. Cars on Subscription are short (tenure), simple (paperwork), and offers a wide variety of vehicle under an all-inclusive monthly package. The deal includes insurance, roadside assistance, and maintenance. Moreover, a car rental subscription comes with no binding contracts, long-term commitment, and hassle.

How does it Work?

Car Rental Subscription allows their customers to pay a flat monthly fee as per the car and tenure they choose. Customers typically sign-up through a website or app to subscribe to a vehicle. The monthly fee includes maintenance charges, insurance fees, and roadside assistance typically.

Similarly, a Myles car subscription offers every benefit of owning a car through a subscription with no long-term commitment. You can return, extend or buy out the vehicle when you want. You’ll get a car subscription at a price cheaper than the monthly EMI.

How to bring Myles subscribed car home?

  • Select & Reserve

, pick the car model, preferred tenure, and reserve online.

  • Fast Processing

Team Myles will call you to know your preference and understand the requirements. The next step will be documentation- basic KYC, Refundable Security Deposit, etc. To check the documentation list, visit

  • Preparing Your Car

After deep cleaning, sanitization, and detailed quality check, your car will be ready for delivery within 10-14 days after opting for the subscription.

  • Home Delivery

Team Myles will get your car delivered to your doorstep.  

  • Hassle-Free Car Ownership Experience

We hope you will enjoy the driving experience! Team Myles will take care of routine maintenance with doorstep service, insurance claims, and roadside assistance.

  • Return or Extend

Customers can continue using the vehicle, extend their subscription, upgrade or return it anytime. 

Why Car Subscription?

Why Not?

A Car Subscription is an easy, hassle-free and zero commitment way to owning a car. It makes your daily commute safe, a reliable source for travel plans, and always there for you in an emergency.

Subscription offers:

Curb Financial Crunch

Car Subscription comes with an easy monthly fee. A customer doesn’t have to pay hefty down payments, EMIs, and interests.

Zero Commitment

Car Subscriptions offer flexible ownership, unlike the traditional way of car buying. You have to commit to the vehicle for a longer-term, at least 9-10 years in car buying. In a car subscription, you can exchange, return, and upgrade it at any time.

No Maintenance

Car Subscription comes in an all-inclusive package. It covers your insurance fee, maintenance cost, and roadside assistance. It makes driving a subscribed car more reliable, safe, and cost-effective.


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